MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 10 - 2017 - page 9

The Indianembassy
OmKalthoum statue
Beautiful Embassies
Zamalekhas somanyembassies that
it couldalmost beconsideredas a
collectivepieceof theworld. The
St.wasdesigned inart-deco style
and it isoneof only 14propertieswith
direct access to theNile. TheArmenian
Embassy looks like somethingout of
a fairy tale; thecottage likebuilding
surroundedbypalm trees instantly
puts youunder a spell.MaisonDu
Canada is alsoa standingbeauty that
Themost famousof themall Iwould say is the
OmKalthoumbuildingwhere sheused to live
–nowahotel- andher statuewhich is right next
to it. Thehotel is almost likeamuseumwith
her pictureson thewall, hermusiccontinuously
playinganddisplaysmanyof her belongings for
The island is rich in history and to this day
still provides us with captivating stories
that have retained our interest for years.
Somehow it managed to keep its status as
an elite neighborhood and it is our duty
to keep and maintain its beautiful air of
historic opulence.
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