MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 10 - 2017 - page 11

government has takenbold steps
measures tobeable to
Tourism is affectedby safety,
international relations and it alsohas
a fast cycle. From themoment the
tourist arrives, he isbenefitingmany
businesses andpeople suchas taxi
drivers, restaurants, etc. I understand
thatwearenot beingperceived
as acompletely safedestination
but at theendof theday,we, as a
government andEgyptiancitizens,
aredoingour best to improve the
situation, so thatwecanmaintain
our own safetyaswell as that of
our visitors. Also, terrorism isnot
restricted toEgypt but therearemanycountries around
theworld still battling terrorismaswell.Weareall in
this together andweall have to standagainst it.Media
plays abigpart aswell inhow toportraycertainevents
or evencountries. If all youhear about acertaincountry
isnegative thenyouwill carry thosenegative feelings
and feel like it isnot safe, even though in truth, that is
not thecase.
Howwereyouable tomaintain thehighdemand
forCairoMarriottdespite themanypolitical and
Thehotelwas able tomaintain its standardsbecauseof
several aspects; thepower of thebrandas it isperceived
as a strongAmericanbrandandpeopleknowour
standards so they trust thatwewoulddoour best to
secureand serveour guests. Thehotel’s location –on the
islandof Zamalek- is alsoabigperk since it is verywell
securedandexclusivedue toall theembassies andbig
companieson the island. Thehotel facilitieswerealso
abig factor sinceanyguest canenjoya full experience
at theCairoMarriott trying thevarietyof restaurants,
shoppingat thebazaar and soon. It’s likea small village!
Eventually,witha lot of hardwork,
wewereable to steer thewheel
out of all thechallenges andmake
growth thatwas very impressive.
Nowwehave tokeepour goalseven
higher, servebetter and strengthen
theexperience for eachandevery
What futureplansyouhave for
Wecurrentlyhave four different on-
goingprojects from roomprojects
to the swimmingpool, spaand the
EgyptianNights restaurant.Myfirst
focus is tomake sure thatwebring
theseplans to life in thebestway
possibleand ina timelymanner as
well. The second, is service. I amafirmbeliever that
service is thecoreof our business.Nomatter how
aestheticallybeautiful ahotel is, itwill nevermakeup for
itspeople. I recall aquotebyMr.Marriott that said “Take
careof your people, your peoplewill takecareof the
guest andguestswill keepcomingback.”
Another important aspect is thecommunity.Our
corporate social responsibility is veryessential.One
of thedutiesof thecompany is tocontribute to the
communities aroundus and try toaidand support
causes that improve thedirect communityaswell as
thewholecountry. Last but not least, revenue is always
a focusbecause this is abusiness and stakeholders and
boardmembersneed to see results.
Inconclusion, care to sharewithus themain
factorsyou look for inahotelwhile traveling?
Sure! Cleanliness isessential forme. I can’t stayat a
place that isnot clean. I also like tobeat aplacewith
good foodandamenities. I careabout the littledetails
that normallypeoplemaynot noticeor evencomplain
about but forme, theymakeahugedifference. It tells a
lot about themanagement andupkeepof theplace.
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