MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 8 - 2016 - page 10

Marriott’s Bakery
heMarriottBakeryhas a truly
astoundinghistory. From thevery
beginning it hasquicklybecomea
householdnameandan iconamong
thepastry-lovingcrowds. TheMarriott
Bakery’s team tell us the storyof how it all beganand
how theymaintainexcellent standards to thisday…
As you step into theBakery, you immediately feel
at home. The simplewoodendecoration resembles
acafé inParis. Thedisplayof various shapedbaked
goods speaks toyour senses and ignites your hunger.
Thedesserts, pastryand sandwichdisplays allow
you to seehow fresh the food is. TheMarriottBakery
haveconsistentlykept ahighquality standard that
attractedeven thepickiest of tastes. TarekSaadand
MohamedEzzat, theBakery’s supervisors, explain
that almost all of the ingredients arehome-madeat
theCairoMarriott tomaintain the level of freshness.
Everyday theBakery is stockedwith freshlybaked
goods and sandwich ingredients. “We thinkcreatively
andaskother teams tohelpusoutwith ideas for
thedisplay suchas colour organizeddessert bar, a
selectionof bakedgoods inavarietyof shapesor
products suchas theMarriott home-madepasta.”
Over theyears, theBakeryhavedevelopedwhile
sticking to their slogan: fresh, crispy, tasty.Marriott
Bakeryhas alwaysbeenattractive for thosewho
would likeagoodmeal on-the-go. “TheBakery
serves thosewhowould likeanicequickmeal that is
madewithhighqualityandalsomeets theaverage
pricing.” SaidTarekSaad. Takeawayordersmake
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