MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 8 - 2016 - page 11

upmost of thebusinesswhether bigordersor small
ones. Catering is alsoavailable for events andparties.
“I recall anorder of 800 sandwiches that needed to
be readywithin24hours.Wehad toworkall dayand
through thenight tobeable todeliver theorder in
time.Wehad to stayupall night and then start our
normal shift aswell the followingday. Itwaspretty
hectic sincewealsohad to serveour dailyguests.
Thankfully,we receivedpraise for a jobwell done
whichwasgreat success toeveryonewhoworks at
theBakery.” SaidMohamed.
DuringHolidays, theBakery serves special itemson the
menu. Last Thanksgiving theTurkeyToGowas very
successful.Of course, oneof thebusiest timesof the
year isduringRamadan… “LastRamadan,we reached
a recordbreakingnumber of almost 900 kgsof
oriental desserts anda 1000kgsof ‘Kahk’ for Eid.” Tarek
proudlyexplained. As for other timesof theyear, the
thatwouldbemoreappealing toguests. “Wemonitor
our sales and scan themarkets soweunderstand the
trends and thenewcreations that people love.We’ve
had somepretty successful creations suchas the
croissant sandwich, browncroissant andmanymore.”
Affordable lunchboxes isoneof their ideas
withversatility incombinationandpricing tobe
accessible toa largenumber of companies and
events. The lunchboxes come inavariety to
accommodate the request of different companies;
from small lunchboxeswith juiceand fruit to full
meals. Thepackaginghas alsobeendeveloped
through theyears tobeonparwithMarriott’squality
andenvironmental friendlyapproach.
TheBakery’s success storymaynot havebeenbuilt
over night. However it did takeworking through the
night to reachexcellence in service. Tarek,Mohamed
and theentirebakery teamarea true inspiration
for hardwork, dedicationandcommitment to
development.Wecan’twait to seewhat is in store
for theMarriottBakery; rest assured itwill alwaysbe
fresh, crispyand tasty!
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