MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 8 - 2016 - page 9

Theoriginsof both traditions areuncertain. However,
the lanterns andcannons areusedwidelyacrossmany
Arabcountries. The traditionsmayhave slightlychanged
as technologygets incorporated intoour everyday lives.
Lanterns aremostlyusedas adecorativepieceat homes
andon the streets. Thecannon is still fired from the top
ofMokattamhills inCairo, althoughmost people just
wait for thedigital cannon tobefired through their TV
screens.Now, an iPhonemayhave itsowncannonapp
that alerts youbut noonecandeny that thecollective
spirit of these traditions liveson. It’s theculturebehind
those traditions and theholymonthofRamadan that
captivates you.
Thenext timeyougo lantern shoppingor hear the
cannon (even if throughaTV) know that youareapart of
agenuineand richhistory.
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