MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 9 - 2016 - page 11

job; but here the team is verydiverse, open to learnandwilling to teach.
Theolder generationshave theexperienceand theyounger have the
innovation, combined together…wehaveawinningmix.
What essential difference that you foundbetweenother cultures
In somecultures, theart of cuisine isnot prominent. Food is fuel to
themand theydon’t indulge in theexperience. I always like towork
withpeoplewhohavea storyandhistory. It iseasier to relateand
theyareusuallymoreopen to trynewdishes, likehere inEgypt.One
fundamental difference though ishow sweet thedesserts are! Specially
coming fromaFrenchbackgroundwherepastry ismoreflavorful but not
too sweet.
Youhavebeenbusyatwork sinceyoucamehere!What are the
excitingnewmenuchanges thatwemust try?
Wehavebeenworkingon revamping themenus and itwill happen in
phases. SarayaGallery isnowaFrenchBistrowith someEgyptian fusion
dishes suchas theMolokhiawithSeaScallops and freshRavioli.
I havenever hadMolokhiabefore so itwasexciting tocreatenewdishes
with it. TheMarriottBakery’s sandwichesnowhavedifferent typesof
bread suchaspanini, bagels andwraps.WealsoaddedauthenticFrench
pastry. “LePresident” cake,whichwasmade for aFrenchPresident, is
nowavailableexclusivelyat theBakeryand is amust-try; it ismadeof
chocolatemoussewithPanini inside, cherries andcocoapowder.
What’s your vision for theCairoMarriottHotel restaurants?
Myvision is tomakeevery restaurant adestination. TheFrenchcuisine
will beat SarayaGalleryFrenchbistro. If youwantmeat thenyouhead
to theJW’sSteakhouseand soon.Whencooking I careabout getting
the farmer, into theplate. Using the freshest ingredientsguarantees a
highqualitymeal. It’s alsoabout the supplier; gettingagood supplier
isessential toyour culinaryprocess.Not only the restaurants, but also
thecateringmenus and fooddisplaywill bechanged to focusmoreon
the foodandguest interaction.Whichever restaurant youchoose, rest
assured that youaregettinganexquisitelydelectablemealmadewith
thehighest qualityand freshest ingredients.
Itwas suchapleasuregetting toknowChefPhillipe. Hewas inspiring,
humbleandverypassionateabouthiswork.Weare sure thatBossert
will serve thecrèmede lacrèmeof theculinaryworld forour veryown
enticingexperienceat theCairoMarriottHotel. The “PresidentCake”
awaitsyouatMarriott’sBakery, dropbyandgive it a try!
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