MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 7 - 2016 - page 8

A New Chapter
After the 1952 revolution, name
changeswere introduced toclear
thecountry frompreviousmemories
of Britishoccupationanddeclare
independenceof Egypt. Thebridge
was renamedback toKasr ElNil Bridge.
Since then, thebridgewitnessedmany
important andhistorical events; such
as the televised funeral of President
Gamal Abdel-Nasser.
The funeralwitnessedmanyministers
andother elitewhowalkedbehindhis
coffinover thebridge forcing theworld
to takenoticeof thebridge.
Inmore recent times, thebridgealso
playedan important part during the
2011 revolutionagainstPresident
over thebridge toand fromTahrir,
roaringwith the soundof freedomand
enduringmanyof thepolice’sefforts to
stop them.
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