MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 7 - 2016 - page 11

it up. Allmust bedonewhilemaking room for any
unexpectedcircumstances. “We set up theutilities,
fromplates andother equipment to thehot cabinet to
keep the foodwarm.” Khaledcontinued.
Thedaily tasks at thehotel takea lot of time from
theStewardingDepartment aswell. They set upall
thekitchens andprovide itwith theequipment. The
thoroughprocess is administered through-out theday
in several shifts, ensuring that everykitchen isproperly
loadedand ready to serve theguests. Every restaurant
has a supervisor,whomakes sureeverything isup to
parwith theguidelines and that theneeded silverware
andplates are inplace.
Another important aspect of the job is thecleanliness
of theequipment andkitchenappliances,which
must becheckedconstantly; tomake sure that it is
all covered for, cleanand ready to servedisheswith
sublimecleanliness. Everynight,when thedayends,
all kitchens arecleanedandprepped forwork the
next day. Thefloors,walls, appliances andeverything
is cleaned toperfection inorder tomaintain the
excellenceof thekitchenaswell aspreventingany
unforeseen risks. Even though theGreenKitchen is
fullyequippedwith state-of-the-art appliances and
equipment that self-cleans and sterilizes; they still have
amanual procedure tocheckeverything inorder not
tomiss a spot. “The stewarding team is very sensitive
towards thecleanliness andupkeepof thekitchens.
They receive training sessions tokeep theirminds fresh
and introducenewways toeverythingwithefficiency
anddedication.” Khaledhighlighted.
Preparing for events is alsonot aneasy taskand takes
a lot of effort, especially if it is apop-upevent that
must beprepared inas littleas acoupleof hours! The
stewardingdepartmentmust be readyat all times.
Chief Khaled recalls a story that happenedat ahigh-
profileoutdoorsevent. Theweather instantlychanged
and itwasa sand storm. The stormwas so strong that it
knockedoff the tables and the set-up. However, in the
midst of thedisaster,wemanaged towork together
andwithin20minuteswewereable to set theplaceup
againandcover for all the lost plates. “Wehadone idea
inmind: towork for theguest andwedid it!”
Ramadan is averybusymonthandevenwitha team
of 62personnel, things are still hectic. The restaurants
allwork to serve Iftar for guests at the same time. This
requires ahigh level of organization, preparationand
coordination. Thedepartmentmanages toprepare
and set upall the restaurants at thehotel andprovide
themwitheverything theyneed, all at the same time
during Iftar. It is ahardmonthand thework is around
theclock tobeable todeliver theexpected level of
excellence fromCairoMarriott.
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