MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 7 - 2016 - page 10

TheCairoMarriott ishome tomanywonderful
restaurants andevents. Thepreparationand
executionof everymeal andevent is accounted
for anddeliveredwithperfection inmind.Many
of usdon’t knowwhat goesonbehind those
fabulouslypreparedmealsor events. That’swhy
we satwithChief KhaledAbdEl-Shafy,Manager
of theStewardingDepartment, to learnmore
about theirworkandwhat goesonbehind the
Toget us started, Chief Khaledexplained tous
what the stewardingdepartment is all about
“Wecover foodandbeverages fromA toZ.
Helping the restaurants, thekitchenandany
eventswithpreparationand set-up”. For the
kitchen, stewarding is responsible for the set-
upandupkeepof thekitchen incoordination
with thechef.. For anyupcomingevent, suchas
outsidecatering, they set a list of theneeded
items tocover theevent and then start setting
Marriott’s Stewarding Team
perfection in everydetail
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