MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 6 - 2015 - page 7

t isno secret thatDowntown
Cairohasbeengoing through
renovations and facelifts lately
to return it to itsoriginal luster.
Wandering through the streets
ofDowntown.ManyEgyptians and
tourists alikeare fascinatedwith its
architectureandcultural diversity.
Many storieshavebeen toldof the
citycenter’shistory, passeddown
fromgrandparents tochildren; but
howdid it all start andwhat is the
real storybehindoneof theworld’s
busiest centers?
We turn toKhedive Ismail for some
DowntownCairowasfirst build
under the reignof Khedive Ismail
as thenewdistrict for theelite.
Prior to that, theheart of Egypt’s
capital citywasfloodedby theNile
Downtown Tales:
Paris on theNile
Those who
don’t know
history are
destined to
repeat it.
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