MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 6 - 2015 - page 11

experience. Althoughnot
everything is applicableat every
destinationbut it surecanbe
customizedbasedon theneeds
of thehotel guests. Egypt is
rich inhistory; herewehave the
Pyramids, differentmuseums,
destinations suchas Luxor and
Aswan.Whereas in theCaribbean
most of the focus ison the resort,
relaxationandbeach time.
What is theprimary focusof
Forme, theprimary focus formy
job is togrow thebusiness and
increase theopportunitiesof
growth for theemployees.Not to
thatwill satisfy thehotel guests.
How important is innovation in
Workingon innovation to stay
aheadof thecurb isessential.
For examplewehaveanew spa
andpool openingbynext year. A
renovatedkitchen forOmar’sCafé
is comingand room renovations
arealwayson-going. There
arealsogreat improvements
andEgyptianNights –the
authentic restaurant. Theother
emphasis ison the serviceand
engagingwith the staff toelevate
them to thenext level.
Weaskyou to joinus in
welcomingMr. Roehrbeinandwe
areconfident that hewill giveus
more to talkabout in the future.
Aswithevery journey,we take
whatwe’ve learned intoour next
oneandbuild from thereamore
improvedand fulfillingoutcome;
that isexactlywhatweexpect
Ms. ZuleykaMendoza -Miss. Universe
of PuertoRico2006
Mr. Kocheril RamanNarayanan -President of India 1999
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