MARRIOTT BUZZ NO. 4 - 2015 - page 11

edding season is
with it the joyous
tearsor bridezilla
screams. TheCairo
Marriott andOmarKhayyam
Casinounderstands the
importanceof thebigdaywith
themodernbrideandgroom in
mind. Startingwithaperfectly
convenient position in theheart
ofCairo right on theedgeof the
Nile. Thehistorical significance
of thepalaceaddsmagic toyour
special daycreatingabalance
between royal chicandurban
modern trends.
Gettingmarriedhasnever been
lessof ahassle toowith the
certified teamof event planners
whoare ready to takeyour
dreamweddingandbring it to
life.Our detail-oriented team
will helpcarryout your vision
toyour exact requirements
fromchoosing the right venue,
menu, tablearrangements,
florists, photographers and
For royal queenbrides at heart,
areperfectly suitable
for aweddingwithpalatial
flair; thanks to thebeautiful
chandeliers,marblefloors and
royal staircase. Bothvenues
up to350guests. Thegrandeur
allows for
conceptswhether palatial or
modern futuristicweddings.
Smaller affairs can takeplaceat
for a spectacular
receptionor galacomplete
with lavishmarblefloors and
a freshoutdoor optionwitha
theNileandacapacityof up to
Nowedding is complete
without a tasteful buffet full
of creativeculinarydelights.
Our chefs are ready toadd the
cherryon topof yourwedding
withawide selectionof set or
buffetmenus.Whether youare
looking for classicoptionsor
amoreversatile spreadwith
international fusiondishes. Sushi
stations, hot stations,mini French
pastryand small cakes all add
a little somethingextra to the
experience. Evenyourwedding
cakecanbemade invarious
mouthwateringflavours suchas
pralinecream, raspberry, darkor
whiteSwiss chocolateall covered
withadelicious layer of sugar
dough.With theCairoMarriott,
thebuffet isnot just afiller but
an integral part of theoverall
enjoyment of yourwedding.
As a special gift for the
newlyweds, thehoneymoon
treatsgoover theborders for free
romanticgetaways inallMarriott
Hotelsworldwide. For everydollar
spent, 3points areaddedon their
MarriottRewards cardwhichcan
be redeemed for freenights and
upgrades at everyMarriott hotel
around theworld!
What areyouwaiting for?Say
YES to#MarryMeAtCairoMarriott.
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