he Cairo Marriott can
boast two ‘Master Chefs’
on its Marketing team
when it comes to ‘cooking
up’ ideas that give the
hotel the edge over all rivals in the
hospitality industry.
Ghada Abdel Khalek (Director of
Marketing Communications) and
Heba Issa (Director of Sales &
Marketing) are the brains behind
initiatives that set the benchmark
when it comes to launching
campaigns, hosting international
and local events and engaging
industry and media leaders as well
as celebrities from society.
They set ever higher standards
in what guests can expect
when they receive the coveted
invitation to Cairo Marriott events,
a unique hotel steeped in history
and an ‘oasis’ in the heart of
downtown Cairo where the finest
cuisine and entertainment are
Ghada and Heba’s ‘make it
happen’ approach regularly
makes the Cairo Marriott the talk
of the town with creative events,
such as:
• The hotel’s 30
celebration, bravely held in
November 2012 in what was still a
challenging environment.
• The ‘Bus that Rocked the
City’ drove around Cairo with
Marriott staff engaging the local
community and highlighting the
cultural sites in a unique initiative
to boost tourism to Egypt,
displaying an unprecedented level
of creativity.
• The #Activ8Egypt campaign
emphasizes Marriott’s
commitment to work with
strategic and local partners to
revive tourism in Egypt.
Ghada said: “Our initiatives seek to
engage all teams in the hotel, so
the successful outcome reflects
positively on everyone here.”
Cairo Marriott General Manager
Rick Zeolla said: “Ghada and
Heba put all their heart into every
project, and once they have the
green light they go full on to make
it work. They wholeheartedly
embrace new ideas and change,
are committed to excellence and
have a keen eye for details.”
Rick continued: “Another
important factor is the synergy
shared by Ghada and Heba. They
have a shared vision and outlook
in bringing superior quality to the
Cairo Marriott’s position in the
market place. They always begin
with a clear and positive objective,
‘cook up their magic’ and bring
positive vibes to our hotel and
everyone who comes here.”
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